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  • What is PATCH APP DX?
    PATCH APP DX is our Premium Upgrade Software that completes the entire PATCH Series Controlling Eco System! PATCH APP DX works with your PATCH Series Hardware connected Computer to open even more creative and recall opportunities than ever before possible. You can use your iPad, iPhone &/or Desktop CPU to create & recall routings. Customize Digital Rack Spaces & Labelling and use our newly announced "Hardware Management System" to snap photos, take notes and store all that important information directly in your Flock Audio PATCH APP Stored Routing Menu. The possibilities are nearly endless.
  • When will DX be Available?
    PATCH APP DX is Now Available from our Website and Apple's App Store (iPad & iPhone)! Download DX Now!
  • How to Download & Install PATCH APP DX?
    How To Download & Install PATCH APP DX: (Step #1.) Proceed to ( and Select "DOWNLOAD". (Step #2.) Choose and Purchase a License Plan that best suits you (Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription or Perpetual License) (#3.) Create a Flock Audio Account and Proceed to ( to Download & Install - PATCH APP DX for your Specific Operating System (OSX or Windows) (#4.) Launch PACE/iLok Manager, search & locate your deposited PATCH APP DX License and Activate PATCH APP DX. (You can Activate your License on: iLok Dongle, iLok Cloud or directly to your CPU.) (#5.) Launch PATCH APP DX on your Operating System and Confirm its Host Signal Is Connected to your PATCH Series Hardware. (#6.) Once PATCH APP DX is Activated and Launched on your CPU, proceed to The Apple App Store on your iPad & iPhone devices. (#7.) Search in the App Store For: Flock Audio PATCH APP DX and Download the Following Apps: - iPad iOS: PATCH APP DX - iPhone OS: DX Remote (#8.) Launch both iPad and iPhone apps and start experiencing Analog Routing & Hardware Management like never before! Reminder: You can manage your PATCH APP DX License from the Flock Audio Portal at *Video Walkthrough* - HOW TO INSTALL DX 🎥
  • Is PATCH APP DX Free?
    PATCH APP DX is a Premium Upgrade compatible with all PATCH Series Models. Pricing options for PATCH APP DX will be Announced on the PATCH APP DX Page when available. Subscription Options & a Perpetual License will be Available. PATCH APP Classic will continue to remain Free and Updated with new features and performance on an ongoing basis!
  • Can I try PATCH APP DX before buying?
    Yes - You will be able to try PATCH APP DX for Free for 14 Days!
  • What is "Hardware Management"?
    PATCH APP DX's newly announced "HARDWARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" allows you to use your iPad, iPhone &/or Desktop CPU to take photos, take notes and store all that important information directly in your Flock Audio PATCH APP Stored Routing Menu. This means when you setup your Studio Session, you can now take photos of all your analog settings on your hardware and store them directly in that same Analog Routing Recall File. Next time you launch your session... all your important information is there, now including your Analog & Tracking Recalls!
  • Why Does DX Cost Money?
    PATCH APP DX is a lot more work to manage and keep updated compared to PATCH APP Classic especially with all the iOS Compatibility.
  • Will PATCH APP DX work on Windows?
    Yes - There will be a Windows Version of PATCH APP DX available.
  • When will BRIDGE by available?
    PATCH APP DX - BRIDGE Plugin will be available early 2023. BRIDGE will allow you to choose a Stored Routing File created in the PATCH APP Software and have your DAW Recall that specific Stored Routing every time you launch that Session.
  • Will BRIDGE be available not on the DX Platform?
    No - BRIDGE is exclusive to the PATCH APP DX platform.
  • Will all my Stored Routings on PATCH APP Transfer over to DX?
    Yes - Whether you created routings in PATCH APP or PATCH APP DX, they will populate and transfer between either Application seamlessly. *NOTE: You can only have PATCH APP or PATCH APP DX launched, not both applications at one time.
  • Will PATCH APP continue to be available for Free and Updated?
    Of Course! - PATCH APP isn't going anywhere and will continue to experience new updates and feature additions.
  • Can I use DX for the Hardware Management Section if I don't own a PATCH?
    Yes! - PATCH APP DX can be used specifically for its Hardware Management Section even if you don't own a PATCH Series Hardware Model.



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